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Macao boasts a unique festival culture, including such traditional Chinese celebrations as Lunar New Year, Feast of the God Tou Tei, the Tun Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) as well as the important Western festivals of Easter, Procession of our Lady of Fátima, and Christmas. In addition, many large-scale international events are held in Macao.



Public Holiday
Jan 1

New Year's Day


Aug 7

Feast of Maidens

Aug 14

Feast of Hungry Ghosts


Public Holiday
Sep 14

The Day following Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 17-22

The Terrific 12

Sep 27

World Tourism Day


Public Holiday
Dec 8

Feast of Immaculate Conception

Public Holiday
Dec 20

Macao Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

Public Holiday
Dec 22

Winter Solstice


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